Research Interests

Our research focuses on the development of therapies for the replacement and repair of damaged neural tissue in the adult brain, using neurons from pluripotent stem cells. We are particularly interested in lesions affecting the motor cortex, following trauma, for example, or lesions observed in the brain in Parkinson’s disease.

Currently, we are studying the potential of induced pluripotent stem cells to replace degenerate neurons in patients with traumatic brain injury or Parkinson’s disease. In addition, we pay special attention to the use of techniques that will improve the survival and integration of transplanted cells in the injured brain.

Recent advances in tissue engineering offer new solutions to overcome the complications of transplant cell death. Biocompatible, biodegradable and non-toxic biomaterials have been developed to improve cell survival and integration after transplantation.

In this project, we propose to evaluate the therapeutic potential of the grafted neurons obtained from patient skin cells in combination with biomaterials in the cortex carrying a traumatic lesion.

We will use imaging techniques, behavioral tests coupled with optogenetics to evaluate the synaptic integration of transplanted neurons.

The results of this work will help develop innovative tools to evaluate the potential of stem cells for brain diseases.


  • Equipe FRM (2019-2022) : 315.000
  • Région Aquitaine : (2018-2021) : 110.000 €
  • Fondation de France (2017-2018) : 000 €
  • Chair Région-Université (2016-2019) : 250.000 € ; (2019-2022) : 150.000
  • Fondation de recherche médicale (2015) : 50.000 €
  • Fondation de France (2015-2016) : 100.000 €
  • FEDER (fond européen, 2016-2017): 250.000 €





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