Teaching and Training Activities

Neuroscience teaching is centralized by the Department of Neuroscience (led by Laetitia Prestoz) within the Biology-Health Training Unit. This training addresses various themes of neuroscience in order to provide students with broad and solid skills thus expanding opportunities for professional integration.

This training is designed in a balanced way between theoretical and practical courses . It is ensured through the involvement of teachers and researchers and backed by a network of leading laboratories of which the LNEC.

This course therefore gives students a broad, multidisciplinary training that allows them to tackle research on the nervous system in all its dimensions while allowing them to appropriate specific skills during research internships in the laboratory.

These courses are conducted mainly in the Faculty of Fundamental and Applied Sciences from the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s degree to the 2nd year of the Master’s degree.


We also work in other faculties such as:

  • The Faculty of Medicine-Pharmacy: Teachings to medical students, pharmacy, radiology manipulators and students of the speech therapy school.
  • Faculty of Sport Sciences
  • The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and especially to students following a course in psychology.


In addition, the LNEC actively participates in:

  • Federative Research Structure (SFR 4226) Tours-Poitiers
  • Practical training of PhD students in 19 Teams, 6 units recognized by the tutorships (Inserm, INRA, CNRS, Universities of Tours and Poitiers).


The LNEC carries a project to create a Master of Neuroscience open to medical students and interns at the sites of Poitiers, Limoges and Tours.


Doctoral studies

The LNEC welcomes each year PhD students enrolled in ED Bio-Health Poitiers / Limoges.



The LNEC welcomes trainee students from L3, M1 and M2.

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