Histology and Cell culture

Histology platform
The histology platform regroups different sectioning equipment in order to accommodate a
maximum of samples and applications: 2 microtomes, 2 vibratomes and 1 cryostat. This
platform, used by all teams of LNEC, allows obtaining rat or mouse brain sections to
perform immunostaining and in situ hybridization.  All 3 teams use this
platform. In 2013, we equipped the freezers containing samples and antibodies, with Sirius
alarm system (JRI). SIRIUS Storage is a software dedicated to the monitoring of the
temperature of a fixed installation.


This platform is under the supervision of Maureen Francheteau, University Lab. Technician.


Cell culture rooms
The laboratory has two cell culture rooms, with a biosafety approval level 2, one is
dedicated to human cell culture and the other to animal cell culture (rodents). The rooms
are equipped with:
– 4 laminar flow hoods biosafety level 2 (Thermo Fisher)
– 4 CO2 incubators (Thermo Fisher)
– 1 freezer -150°c (for cell storage, Panasonic)
– 1 fluorescence microscope with acquisition system (Carl Zeiss)
This platform is mainly used by the team 1 (A. Gaillard) for the development of in vitro
differentiation protocols of stem cells into neural precursors, to realize grafts in different
animal models, but also for the glioblastomes project and the AMD project (human cell
This platform is under the supervision of Marie Laure Bonnet, CHU Lab Technician.