Equipe 1 Peer-reviewed Articles


  • Nissrine Ballout, Isabelle Frappe, Sophie Peron, Mohamed Jaber, Kazem Zibara, Afsaneh Gaillard. “Development and maturation of embryonic cortical neurons grafted into the damaged adult motor cortex”. Frontiers in Neural Circuits in press 2016
  • Kalaani J, Roche J,, Hamade E, Jaber M, Gaillard A, Badran B, Prestoz L. Differential modulation of axon guidance molecule expression along the lesioned nigrostriatal pathway and after cell therapy in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease, en revision
  • Trouiller AJ, Bere E, Kalaani J, Evanno E, Prestoz L, Roche J, Fouchaq B, Napporn T, Bertrand B. Aqueous tetraethylene oxide as solvent, reducing agent and stabilizer for the simplified synthesis of small spherical and biocompatible gold nanoparticles, en revision.
  • Trouiller AJ, Bere E, Kalaani J, Evanno E, Fouchaq B, Roche J, Prestoz L, Napporn T, Bertrand P. Synthesis of homogeneous spherical and biocompatible gold nanoparticles in aqueous tetraethylene oxide solution and their cellular uptake, en revision
  • Petropoulos C, Oddou C, Emadali A, Hiriart-Bryant E, Boyault C, Faurobert E, Vande Pol S, Kim-Kaneyama JR, Kraut A, Coute Y, Block M, Albiges-Rizo C, Destaing O. “Roles of paxillin family members in adhesion and ECM degradation coupling at invadosomes”, Journal of Cell Biology; 06 June 2016.
  • Prunier C, Josserand V, Vollaire J, Beerling E, Petropoulos C, Destaing O, Montemagno C, Hurbin A, Prudent R, de Koning L, Kapur R, Cohen PA, Albiges-Rizo C, Coll JL, van Rheenen J, Billaud M, Lafanechere L. “LIM Kinase Inhibitor Pyr1 Reduces the Growth and Metastatic Load of Breast Cancers”, Cancer Research; 23 May 2016.
  • Guichet PO, Guelfi S, Ripoll C, Teigell M, Sabourin JC, Bauchet L, Rigau V, Rothhut B, Hugnot JP. Asymmetric Distribution of GFAP in Glioma Multipotent Cells. PloS one. 2016;11(3):e0151274.
  • Fleurat-Lessard P, Bere E, Lallemand M, Dedaldechamp F, Roblin G. ≪ Co-occurrence of tannin and tanninless vacuoles in sensitive plants. ≫ Protoplasma. 2016 May;253(3):821-34.
  • Yefimova MG, Bere E, Cantereau-Becq A, Harnois T, Meunier AC, Messaddeq N, Becq F, Trottier Y, Bourmeyster N ≪ myelinosomes act as natural secretory organelles in sertoli cells to prevent accumulation of aggregate-prone mutant huntingtin and cftr ≫ 2016 accepted in Human Molecular Genetics


  • Michelsen KA*, Acosta-Verdugo S*, Benoit-Marand M, Espuny-Camacho I, Gaspard N, Saha B, Gaillard A$, Vanderhaeghen P$ (2015) Area-specific reestablishment of damaged circuits in the adult cerebral cortex by cortical neurons derived from mouse embryonic stem cells. Neuron 85:982-997.
  • Murray, J.E., Belin-Rauscent, A., Simon, M., Giuliano, C., Benoit-Marand, M., Everitt, B.J. & Belin, D. (2015) Basolateral and central amygdala differentially recruit and maintain dorsolateral striatum-dependent cocaine-seeking habits. Nat Commun, 6, 10088.
  • Bensalma S, Chadeneau C, Legigan T, Renoux B, Gaillard A, de Boisvilliers M, Pinet-Charvet C, Papot S, Muller JM. Evaluation of cytotoxic properties of a cyclopamine glucuronide prodrug in rat glioblastoma cells and tumors. J Mol Neurosci. 2015 Jan;55(1):51-61
  • Block MR, Destaing O, Petropoulos C, Planus E, Albiges-Rizo C, Fourcade B. “Integrin-mediated adhesion as self-sustained waves of enzymatic activation”, Physical Review Letters; October 2015
  • Mouton-Liger F, Rebillat AS, Gourmaud S, Paquet C, Leguen A, Dumurgier J, Bernadelli P, Taupin V, Pradier L, Rooney T, Hugon J. PKR downregulation prevents neurodegeneration and β-amyloid production in a thiamine-deficient model. Cell Death Dis. 2015 Jan 15;6:e1594.
  • Cortes U, Guilloteau K, Rouvreau M, Archaimbault C, Villalva C, Karayan-Tapon L. Development of pyrosequencing methods for the rapid detection of RAS mutations in clinical samples. Exp Mol Pathol. 2015 Oct;99(2):207-11.
  • Akil H, Abbaci A, Lalloue F, Bessette B, Costes LM, Domballe L, Charreau S, Guilloteau K, Karayan-Tapon L, Bernard FX, Morel F, Jauberteau MO, Lecron JC. IL22/IL-22R pathway induces cell survival in human glioblastoma cells. PLoS One. 2015 Mar 20;10(3):e0119872.
  • Angebault C*, Guichet PO*, et al. Recessive Mutations in RTN4IP1 Cause Isolated and Syndromic Optic Neuropathies. American journal of human genetics. 2015;97(5):754-60.
  • El Amki M, Clavier T, Perzo N, Bernard R, Guichet PO, Castel H. Hypothalamic, thalamic and hippocampal lesions in the mouse MCAO model: Potential involvement of deep cerebral arteries? Journal of neuroscience methods. 2015;254:80-5.
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  • Deleyrolle L*, Sabourin JC*, Rothhut B*, Fujita H, Guichet PO, Teigell M, Ripoll C, Chauvet N, Perrin F, Mamaeva D, Noda T, Mori K, Yoshihara Y, Hugnot JP. OCAM regulates embryonic spinal cord stem cell proliferation by modulating ErbB2 receptor. PloS one. 2015;10(4):e0122337.
  • Lecointre C, Desrues L, Joubert JE, Perzo N, Guichet PO, Le Joncour V, Brule C, Chabbert M, Leduc R, Prezeau L, Laquerriere A, Proust F, Gandolfo P, Morin F, Castel H. Signaling switch of the urotensin II vasosactive peptide GPCR: prototypic chemotaxic mechanism in glioma. Oncogene. 2015;34(39):5080-94.
  • Guichet PO, Guelfi S, Teigell M, Hoppe L, Bakalara N, Bauchet L, Duffau H, Lamszus K, Rothhut B, Hugnot. Notch1 stimulation induces a vascularization switch with pericyte-like cell differentiation of glioblastoma stem cells. Stem cells. 2015;33(1):21-34.


  • Vitrac C, Peron S, Frappe I, Fernagut PO, Jaber M, Gaillard A, Benoit-Marand M (2014) Dopamine control of pyramidal neuron activity in the primary motor cortex via D2 receptors. Frontiers in neural circuits 8:13.
  • Balbous A, Cortes U, Guilloteau K, Villalva C, Flamant S, Gaillard A, Milin S, Wager M, Sorel N, Guilhot J, Bennaceur-Griscelli A, Turhan A, Chomel JC, Karayan-Tapon L. A mesenchymal glioma stem cell profile is related to clinical outcome. Oncogenesis. 2014 Mar 17;3:e91
  • Nader J, Rapino C, Gennequin B, Chavant F, Francheteau M, Makriyannis A, Duranti A, Maccarrone M, Solinas M, Thiriet N. ≪ Prior stimulation of the endocannabinoid system prevents methamphetamineinduced dopaminergic neurotoxicity in the striatum through activation of CB2 receptors≫ Neuropharmacology. 2014 Dec;87:214-21.
  • Balbous A, Renoux B, Cortes U, Milin S, Guilloteau K, Legigan T, Rivet P, Boissonnade O, Martin S, Tripiana C, Wager M, Bensadoun RJ, Papot S, Karayan-Tapon L. Selective release of a cyclopamine glucuronide prodrug toward stem-like cancer cell inhibition in glioblastoma. Mol Cancer Ther. 2014 Sep;13(9):2159-69.
  • Destaing O, Petropoulos C, Albiges-Rizo C. “Coupling between acto-adhesive machinery and ECM degradation in invadosomes”, Cell Adhesion & Migration;01 May 2014.
  • Karayan-Tapon L, Cortes U, Rivet P, Jermidi C, Vassal G, Wager M, Taillandier L. Lack of GOPC-ROS1 (FIGROS1)rearrangement in adult human gliomas. Eur J Cancer. 2014 Sep;50(13):2364-6.
  • Quillien V, Lavenu A, Sanson M, Legrain M, Dubus P, Karayan-Tapon L, Mosser J, Ichimura K, Figarella-Branger D. (2014) Outcome-based determination of optimal pyrosequencing assay for MGMT methylation detection in glioblastoma patients. J Neurooncol. 116(3):487-96.
  • Brot S, Smaoune H, Youssef-Issa M, Malleval C, Benetollo C, Besancon R, Auger C, Moradi-Ameli M, Honnorat J. Collapsin response-mediator protein 5 (CRMP5) phosphorylation at threonine 516 regulates neurite outgrowth inhibition. Eur J Neurosci. 2014 Oct;40(7):3010-20.
  • Brot S, Auger C, Bentata R, Rogemond V, Menigoz S, Chounlamountri N, Girard-Egrot A, Honnorat J, Moradi-Ameli M. Collapsin response mediator protein 5 (CRMP5) induces mitophagy, thereby regulating mitochondrion numbers in dendrites. J Biol Chem. 2014 Jan 24;289(4):2261-76.
  • Betemps D, Verchere J, Brot S, Morignat E, Bousset L, Gaillard D, Lakhdar L, Melki R, Baron T. Alphasynuclein spreading in M83 mice brain revealed by detection of pathological α-synuclein by enhanced ELISA. Acta Neuropathol Commun. 2014 Mar 13;2:29.
  • Pontini S, Fleurat-Lessard P, Bere E, Berjeaud JM, Roblin G ≪ Impact of temperature variations on toxic effects of the polypeptides secreted by Phaeoacremonium aleophilum ≫ PHYSIOLOGICAL AND MOLECULAR PLANT PATHOLOGY,2014 Volume: 87 Pages: 51-58


  • Pain S., Gochard A., Bodard S., Gulhan Z., Prunier-Aesch C., Chalon S. (2013). “Toxicity of MPTP on neurotransmission in three mouse models of Parkinson’s disease.” Exp. Toxicol. Pathol. 65, 689-694
  • Saha B, Peron S, Murray K, Jaber M, Gaillard A. “Cortical lesion stimulates adult subventricular zone neural progenitor cell proliferation and migration to the site of injury.” Stem Cell Res. 2013 Nov;11(3):965-77
  • Espuny-Camacho I, Michelsen KA, Gall D, Linaro D, Hasche A, Bonnefont J, Bali C, Orduz D, Bilheu A, Herpoel A, Lambert N, Gaspard N, Peron S, Schiffmann SN, Giugliano M, Gaillard A, Vanderhaeghen P. ≪ Pyramidal neurons derived from human pluripotent stem cells integrate efficiently into mouse brain circuits in vivo. ≫ Neuron. 2013 Feb 6;77(3):440-56.
  • Villalva C, Duranton-Tanneur V, Guilloteau K, Burel-Vandenbos F, Wager M, Doyen J, Levillain PM, Fontaine D, Blons H, Pedeutour F, Karayan-Tapon L. EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, and HER-2 molecular status in brain metastases from 77 NSCLC patients. Cancer Med. 2013 Jun;2(3):296-304.
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  • Guichet PO, Bieche I, Teigell M, Serguera C, Rothhut B, Rigau V, Scamps F, Ripoll C, Vacher S, Taviaux S, Chevassus H, Duffau H, Mallet J, Susini A, Joubert D, Bauchet L, Hugnot JP. Cell death and neuronal differentiation of glioblastoma stem-like cells induced by neurogenic transcription factors. Glia. 2013;61(2):225-39.
  • Fleurat-Lessard P, Bourbouloux A, Thibault F, Menard E, Bere E, Valtaud C, Roblin G “Differential occurrence of suberized sheaths in canes of grapevines suffering from black dead arm, esca or Eutypa dieback” Trees-Structure And Function 2013;27 (4): 1087-1100
  • Reinholdt, MX, Hubert F, Faurel M, Tertre E, Razafitianamaharavo A, Francius G, Pret D, Petit S, Bere E, Pelletier M, Ferrage E ≪ Morphological properties of vermiculite particles in size-selected fractions obtained by sonication ≫ Applied Clay Science 2013 (77-78):18-32


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  • Villalva C, Cortes U, Wager M, Tourani JM, Rivet P, Marquant C, Martin S, Turhan AG, Karayan-Tapon L. “O6-Methylguanine-methyltransferase (MGMT) promoter methylation status in glioma stem-like cells is correlated to temozolomide sensitivity under differentiation-promoting conditions.” Int J Mol Sci. 2012;13(6):6983-94.
  • Quillien V, Lavenu A, Karayan-Tapon L., et al. (2012) “Comparative assessment of 5 methods (methylationspecific polymerase chain reaction, MethyLight, pyrosequencing, methylation-sensitive high-resolution melting, and immunohistochemistry) to analyze O6-methylguanine-DNA-methyltranferase in a series of 100 glioblastoma patients.” Cancer. 1;118(17):4201-11
  • Liu P, Brown S, Goktug T, Channathodiyil P, Kannappan V, Hugnot JP, Guichet PO, Bian X, Armesilla AL, Darling JL, Wang W. Cytotoxic effect of disulfiram/copper on human glioblastoma cell lines and ALDHpositive cancer-stem-like cells. British journal of cancer. 2012;107(9):1488-97.


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