Message from Director

Mohamed Jaber, directeur du LNEC, unité de recherche Inserm 1084

Pr Mohamed Jaber, Head of LNEC, Inserm 1084 unit

 The Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences Laboratory (LNEC) is a multi-team INSERM unit integrated within the Biology-Health structure of the University and the hospital (CHU) of Poitiers.

Its scientific axis are oriented towards neurological and psychiatric pathologies such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, addiction and autism spectrum disorders. The approaches that we use range from cell culture to animal models and further leading to clinical research. The methodologies include experimental psychology, behavioural analysis, functional neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, electrophysiology and cell and molecular biology. This enables us to propose and test working hypotheses with a complete vertical approach.

Our projects have been funded by several prestigious programs such as the ANR, Fondation de France, Fondation de la Recherche Médicale and Institut de France, … The LNEC project has been supported locally by a CPER (Contrat Projet Etat Region) 2007-2013 that is under the direction of M Jaber and that has helped acquiring a significant part of the necessary equipment.

Members of the LNEC project have published their findings in top ranked journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Neurosciences, PNAS, Neuron and Biol Psychiatry. We were also invited to write reviews for journals such as TINS and Progress in Neurobiology and invited to several major meetings.  We are engaged in teaching activities at the Poitiers University within specific Neurosciences bachelor and master’s degrees. We provide also provide several PhD and post-doctoral positions each year.

The future aims of the LNEC will be towards the a consolidation of the transversal and translational research activities between basic research teams, and with the clinical activity at the Poitiers hospital. Animal models of human neurological and psychiatric diseases/disorders will be significant assets to foster this continuum.


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